Photoshop CS5 vs CS6: Camera RAW

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The first thing most RAW shooters do when editing photos is taking them through Camera RAW, so it’s time to find out how much Camera RAW 7 has improved over Camera RAW6.



The effect of the exposure slider has improved a lot, it’s amazing how much you can recover with the exposure slider all the way up , as you can tell by the example bellow.



The contrast slider in Camera RAW7  is a little bit more punchy, but the difference is almost invisible.



Vibrance and saturation

The effect of these sliders hasn’t changed.





The clarity slider gives more contrast and detail in Camera  RAW7.


Other basic sliders

The Recovery, Fill Light and Brightness sliders have been replaced by  Highlights, Shadows and Whites and the ability to recover over-or underexposed parts has improved.


Tone Curves
The power of the curves has improved slightly.


Noice Reduction
Camera RAW 7 has even better noice reduction ability than Camera RAW 6.



Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush

As in Lighroom 4, it now possible to change the color temperature and tint in selected area’s in Camera RAW!


So, now we’ve taken a good look on all the major functions and changes we can conclude Adobe really did a great job, it’s amazing how they keep improving this software and make you able to do miracles with your RAW files.
If you’re still wondering if you should buy Photoshop CS6 make sure to stay tuned to this website, more CS6 articles and tutorials are coming soon!

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