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Ferrari LaFerrari: the most boring car-configurator EVER

On the floors of the great Géneve automotive show, the big eye-catchers were the new record breaking monsters. The Mclaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari appeared to say hello to a new 0-300 records. Now that the LaFerrari is of...


The Macbook Air: afraid to compromise

In a times of a flooded windows 8 ultra book market it sure isn’t easy to choose any of the windows party. But after all, I decided to go with a macbook air. Since the web is flooded with reviews over the net. I wanted to...


The Magic Numpad: Resolving the numpad problem

y introducing the new chiclet keyboard back in 2009, Apple said farewell to the numeric pad. By leaving the useful numpad  behind Apple created an emptiness for people who need to process plenty of numbers a day. Mobee, the co...


MetroTwit: The twitter client for Windows

The market of twitter clients is well fed, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room left for a new, better one. Recently Pixel Tucker Ltd. released MetroTwit, a fun and slim looking Twitter client for Windows. &nb...


An enhanced Workspace : What to do next?

Home offices are commonly thrown together over time, causing it to be just another collection of things in your house. But if you labor daily in front of your desk you really should consider planning your next renovations in ...


Nikon D3200: 24.2 megapixels powerhorse

Nikon just announced it’s newest bottom line DSLR, and it’s insane! Let’s be short: it has 24.2 megapixels, can go up to 12800 iso, costs 699 dollar AND comes in red! Yes, you’ve read that right, it has ...


Ergonomics matter!

Some are reassured that investing in an ergonomic workflow is a waste of time. But is it? Let’s go over some facts and decide on your own.”


DelaVilla R1 : Cayman on steroids

Thickened, widened and equiped with a set of mat white porn-wheels. If you want to gain attention when you go cruising with your car, the DelaVilla R1 will provide you with plenty of attention. A coarse half year ago, we were i...


Canon 5D Mark III VS Nikon D800 – Video Comparison

When comparing the Canon 5D Mark III to the Nikon D800 video-wise we have to say they have a lot in common. But does that mean that they are comparable? By introducing the D800 Nikon surely hoped to get rid of its poor reputati...

All these products can be used in conjunction with the nike+ sensor which fits perfectly in your beloved nike running shoe.

The nike + equipment – Deserted subject in Reviews

The Nike + equipment is well known to a lot of sport enthusiasts, but surprisingly a lot of reviewers haven’t taken the challenge to review a product of the Nike + line. In my opinion this is a void that needs to be fille...